Grain Pro Hermetic Bag Premium Twist & Tie

Introducing the GrainPro Hermetic Bag Premium Twist & Tie, your primary hermetic solution for the safe storage of dry agricultural commodities. Designed with high-strength PE and exceptional water and gas barrier properties, this bag ensures the preservation of your valuable commodities without the need for chemical fumigants.

The Twist & Tie serves as an inner liner for jute bags and polypropylene bags, providing an extra layer of protection. Sealed using cable ties or heat welding, it creates an impenetrable barrier against moisture ingress, safeguarding your commodities for over a year. Say goodbye to worries about spoilage and insect infestation!

One of the standout benefits of our Hermetic Bag Premium is its ability to inhibit the growth of fungal contaminants while maintaining the aroma, color, and freshness of your commodities. Additionally, it preserves the germination rate of stored seeds, ensuring the vitality and viability of your agricultural resources.

Available in two sizes, our Hermetic Bag Premium offers convenient options to suit your storage needs. The medium size boasts an average capacity of 50 kg, while the large size can accommodate up to 69 kg of agricultural commodities. Enjoy flexibility and peace of mind with these ample storage solutions.

GrainPro Hermetic Bag Premium Twist & Tie is recommended for a wide range of dry agricultural commodities, including coffee, cocoa, seeds, spices, nuts, tea leaves, dried herbs, oil seeds, milled rice, and aromatic or pigmented rice varieties. It serves as a reliable and efficient inner liner for jute or polypropylene bags, enhancing the overall protection and preservation of your valuable goods.

Choose GrainPro Hermetic Bag Premium Twist & Tie to ensure the long-lasting quality and freshness of your agricultural commodities. Revolutionize your storage practices and experience the difference that our hermetic solution can make.

Contact us now to inquire about our Hermetic Bag Premium Twist & Tie or to place an order. Take action today and secure the ultimate hermetic solution for the safe storage of your valuable dry agricultural commodities. Trust GrainPro to preserve quality and maximize freshness.

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Benefits and Advantages.


Portable, air-tight, water-tight, and reusable


500 times more air-tight than normal plastic


Protects against mold growth and insect infestation


Retains, color, flavor and aroma


Maintains germination and valor of stored seeds


World-famous standard storage for coffee, cocoa, and seeds


Preserve qualities for long periods of storage (up to 1 year)


Better color protection for light sensitive commodities


Fit for storage of organic products


Made from food-grade material