Grain Pro Hermetic Bag Premium Zipper

Introducing the GrainPro Hermetic Bag Premium Zipper, your ultimate solution for the safe and secure storage of dry agricultural commodities. With our premium zipper bag, you can enjoy the benefits of long-lasting freshness and uncompromised quality.

Crafted from high-strength PE with a barrier layer, our hermetic bag ensures an airtight seal that protects your valuable commodities from air, moisture, and external contaminants. Say goodbye to concerns about spoilage and deterioration! With GrainPro, your agricultural products remain at their peak, maintaining their taste, aroma, and nutritional value for extended periods.

Our hermetic bag is designed to accommodate a wide range of dry agricultural commodities, including coffee, cocoa, seeds, spices, nuts, tea leaves, dried herbs, oil seeds, milled rice, and even aromatic or pigmented rice varieties. Versatility is our strength, as our bag can also be used as an inner liner for jute or PP bags, offering added protection and convenience.

With a product life of two years, you can trust GrainPro to keep your commodities fresh and intact over extended periods. Our bag is built to withstand the demands of storage and transport, ensuring that your products maintain their quality from origin to destination.

Choose the GrainPro Hermetic Bag Premium Zipper for its impressive capacity. With sizes ranging from extra small to large, our bags can hold up to 69 kg (152 lbs) of agricultural commodities. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of storing varying quantities of your valuable products with ease.

Invest in the GrainPro Hermetic Bag Premium Zipper and safeguard the quality of your agricultural commodities. With our reliable solution, you can preserve freshness, protect against spoilage, and ensure customer satisfaction. Don’t compromise on the quality of your products – choose GrainPro today!

To inquire about our premium zipper bags or to place an order, contact us now. Secure the ultimate hermetic solution and experience the benefits of long-lasting freshness and uncompromised quality for your agricultural commodities. Act today and revolutionize your storage practices with GrainPro.

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Advantages and benefits.


Portable, air-tight, water-tight, and reusable


500 times more air-tight than normal plastic


Protects against mold growth and insect infestation


Retains taste, color, flavor and aroma


Maintains germination and vigor of stored seeds


World-famous standard storage for coffee, cocoa, and seeds


Preserves quality for long periods of storage (up to 1 year)


Better color protection for light sensitive commodities


Fit for storage of organic products


Made from food-grade material